Secured Trustworthy IoT Platform (STIP)

Focus on development and dissemination of an open and scalable technology framework for secure and trustworthy IoT solutions

Funded co-operative project (FFG „COIN“ program)

Development and dissemination of an open and scalable technology framework.

Addressing market place demands for industry 4.0, industrial automation and predictive maintenance.

Consortium covering the complete value-chain

"The Secured Trustworthy IoT Platform (STIP) addresses these challenges by focusing on hardware security and identification using a scalable and open framework (firmware, application) in order to address market place demands for Industry 4.0, Industrial Automation or Predictive Maintenance applications."

Key Objectives

Enabling platform security by end-to-end utilization of the HW security features of the Secure Element from chip level to application level

Embedded controller concept to guarantee availability, maintainability, confidentiality and integrity for a secure communication in IoT systems

Cloud based selective and secure data collection, data analysis and selective decision support including secure communication to the application

Set-up Industry 4.0 application demonstrators in the data capturing, analysis and predictive maintenance area for evaluation and demonstration purposes

  Project Duration: 1.10.2018-31.12.2020

  Project Coordinator: CISC



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STIP Architecture

Approach & Focus Areas

Sensor Node Layer - NXP, TUG

  • Design and implement a product personalization process and secure key management system and supportive tools
  • Ensuring that complex product personalization processes can be efficiently operated without the involvement of developers/ experts


Data Access Layer - CISC, TUG

  • Focus on secured communication between the connected nodes and the cloud system via the gateway.
  • Designed as a sub-system reference design software package (SW building blocks)

Business Logic (BL) Layer – IOT 40

  • The system will anticipatory act on critical situations in real-time normally not covered or envisioned by standard rule sets
  • Automatic actions will comprise alarms, warnings, configurations/re-configurations of devices (also sensors) and predictive maintenance issues


Presentation Layer – trinitec

  • trinitec will advance this solution approach by a generic and adaptive data model, tailored information design and incremental machine learning

Open Innovation – Silicon Alps Cluster

The Open Innovation approach allows businesses to transcend these company boundaries, to incorporate external technologies into idea development processes, and to use external expertise to tap into alternative markets

Relevant STIP Publications

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[2] Lukas Gressl, Alexander Rech, Christian Steger, Andreas Sinnhofer, and Ralph Weissnegger. 2020. A Design Exploration Framework for Secure IoT-Systems. IEEE 2020 Int. Conf. Cyber Situational Awareness, Data Analytics and Assessment, Cyber SA 2020.


[3] Lukas Gressl, Alexander Rech, Christian Steger, Andreas Sinnhofer, and Ralph Weissnegger. 2020. Security based design space exploration for CPS. Proc. 35th ACM Symp. Appl. Comput. I (2020).

"Today, there are several limiting factors of successful IoT solutions such as inadequate security protection, limited customer demand, marketplace fragmentation or the diversity of standards and technology barriers."