Design Thinking Workshop final

Final workshop with Gussmagg-art at the Innovation Lab Graz 30th October, 2019 An exciting and successful workshop, as a follow-up impulse to the Design Thinking Workshop, took place in the Innovation Lab in Graz. By working out core topics and questions together, we were able to come to a successful conclusion. All of us put Read more about Design Thinking Workshop final[…]

Design Thinking Workshop – what a success!

    A great workshop took place on the 26th of September at the InnoLab Graz, moderated by Gussmagg-art. About 15 companies took part. Interesting ideas and outputs developed out of this, with the aim of continuing our activities. We would like to thank all the participants. You were an enrichment and contributed a lot Read more about Design Thinking Workshop – what a success![…]

STIP Meeting in Klagenfurt,  September 10th

This meeting was used to share all relevant information on tasks, which have already been processed and completed in the individual work packages, which are still open and what is necessary for the area of dissemination. We are also represented with a presentation of our project at the Cyber Security Week on 18th of September Read more about STIP Meeting in Klagenfurt,  September 10th[…]

Project presentation @ Cybersecurity Week Graz

    Markus Pistauer (CISC) will be presenting the project and the opportunities that it offers companies at the Cybersecurity Days for Industry on September 18 at 15:40 at Graz University of Technology. This event is ideally suited for this as security experts as well as industrial companies will be represented in the audience. We Read more about Project presentation @ Cybersecurity Week Graz[…]

STIP Internal Meeting – Preparation for the Design Thinking Workshop

    On 24th of June, 2019 we had an internal meeting in the Innovation Lab to prepare the Design Thinking Workshop, which will also take place there on 26th of September, 2019. Reinhard Gussmagg and Peter Webhofer moderated and accompanied us through the meeting. It was a productive and experienced afternoon, which made us Read more about STIP Internal Meeting – Preparation for the Design Thinking Workshop[…]

Project Meeting in Graz

In October, the project “STIP – Secured Trustworthy IoT Platform” kicked off. Funded by the FFG. For this, on 6th of February, an internal meeting took place, where technical aspects were discussed and the details were filed. Project description Today, there are several limiting factors of successful IoT solutions such as inadequate security protection, limited Read more about Project Meeting in Graz[…]